LiVES 1.0 Hall of Fame, $300
Anonymous, Southampton, Canada
Anonymous, Berlin, Germany, $100
Linux Fund, $730
Godfrey Ko, producer of A4 Desk website software, $500
Insurance Quotes at, $100
Anonymous, Minsk, Belarus
Anonymous, Collegeville, PA, United States, $200
Anton Kachalov, Moscow, Russian Federation, $180
Anonymous, Moscow, Russia, $180
Anonymous, Barcelona, Spain
Jose L. Martinez, London, United Kingdom
Jeremiah T. Gray, producer Hackett and Bankwell, $500 plus matching
Anonymous, Brazil, $100, matched
Anonymous, NY, United States, matched
Anonymous, VA, United States, matched
Jacob Boldman, Yermo, CA, United States, matched
Nimret Sandhu, Kirkland, WA, United States, matched
Anonymous, CA, United States, $4500 plus $500 towards grant matching
Anonymous, IA, United States
Anonymous, OR, United States