multi_encoder requirements

To use the multi encoder, you need the following depending on the output format(s) you want to use.

Python 2.3.4+ is also required for the multi_encoder.

For Mandrake Users
The urpmi packages ogmtools, libmatroska-devel and mkvtoolnix can be used to succesfully encode to ogg/Matroska formats.

More info:
Marco's readme.

Avi formats (LiVES-0.9.5-pre2+)


Marco writes:

For all this to work you must compile MPlayer-1.0pre6 with
> x246 support. First read:
> then do:
> svn co svn:// x264
> Then in the directory (say $X264) do "make". Once
> that's done re-compile MPlayer adding the following:
> --enable-x264
> --with-x264libdir=$X264
> --with-x264incdir=$X264
> (of course, "$264" is actually something like /usr/local/x264).

Requires: lame-3.6.91 and MPlayer-1.0pre6+

Requires: lame-3.6.91 and MPlayer-1.0pre6+