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Custom RFX Scripts

What is RFX?

RFX stands for rendered/realtime effects. It is the open standard being developed by the LiVES team for passing parameter window requests between applications, in this case, LiVES GUI and its plugins. The schema separates parameter type from layout. It can also contain sections for processing of those parameters in multiple languages. Finally, an RFX script is compiled into an application specific plugin, depending on the application and target language.

For users, this means a consistent look for all plugins, and simple installation of custom extensions.

For more information, see the LiVES manual
- Section 17.3.2 : RFX spec

- Section 15 : RFX builder tool

- Section : LiVES-perl language guide

Note: in case you get an error about missing "build-lives-rfx-plugin" when trying to install, you can obtain the latest version of that file from here. You will need to make it executable and make sure it is in your $PATH.

Extend your LiVES !

This page is for Custom RFX scripts contributed by LiVES users. Scripts like these can be created in LiVES through the "Advanced" menu.

When imported into LiVES, they become plugins to extend its capabilities. Some of these effects require other tools, so they are not included by default in LiVES.

If you have created a custom script which you would like to share with other LiVES users, please contact the author!

Installation instructions:

Shift-click on a script, or right-click and "Save as...", then download the script file to disk. Then in LiVES go to the "Advanced" menu entry "Import Custom RFX Script".

Select the script file which was downloaded, and click on OK. LiVES will build a new plugin, and add it automagically to one of the menus. Simple!

Note: you will need at least version 0.9.6 of LiVES to use these plugins. You can find the version level by clicking on Help/About. If in doubt, please update to the latest version of LiVES.


RFX / Gimp (type - various)

LiVES user Saul Goode has started a project called RFX-Gimp

Ppmfilter (type - rendered effect)

Here is a multipurpose effect: ppmfilter. It utilises the ppmfilter command from smilutils to apply any of a number of subeffects.

The following subfilters work with LiVES: quarktv, radioactv, puzzletv, edgetv, shagadelictv, agingtv, lifetv, dicetv, deinterlacetv, rndmtv, revtv, randomdotstereotv, difftv, warholtv, sepia, extract-red, extract-green, extract-blue.

Here is a demo of some ppmfilter effects.

Author: salsaman and pippin/kino.
Requires: convert/imageMagick and smilutils.
ppmfilter.script: LiVES version 0.9.6 or higher.

Photomosaic (type - rendered effect)

Split each frame into blocks, then replace each block with another frame, to make a moving mosaic.

Here is a demo of it.

Author: salsaman.
Requires: metapixel by Mark Probst.
photomosaic.script: LiVES version 0.9.6 or higher.

Hint: for instant opened files (e.g. ogg theora or dv), this effect may not work straight away. In this case, copy the selection to the clipboard before applying the effect.

Spin With Direction (type - rendered effect)

"Frames small growing large with optional spin and changeable centre, ideal for picture flying out of a map."

Author: willsibob.
Requires: convert/imageMagick.
SpinWithDirection.script: LiVES version 0.9.6 or higher.

Zoom on Spot (type - rendered effect)

"Zoom down on to a bit of a frame. Ideal for zooming on a map"

Author: willsibob.
Requires: convert/imageMagick.
ZoomOnSpot.script: LiVES version 0.9.6 or higher.

Kruler (type - utility)

Custom script to launch kruler from within LiVES.

Author: Salsaman.
Requires: kruler (included in most versions of KDE, or as a separate package).
kruler.script: LiVES version 0.9.6 or higher.

Desub (type - rendered effect)

Custom script to remove subtitles from images.

Author: Marco de la Cruz.
Requires: Python 2.3.0+ and the Python script (save this file as an executable).
desub.script: LiVES version 0.9.6 or higher.

Slide (type - rendered transition)

Custom script to add a slide transition. Still in development, but it demonstrates a transition. It will appear in the Edit/Merge dialog. If somebody has time, maybe they can fix it so the bottom layer slides as well.

Author: Salsaman.
Requires: convert and composite from imageMagick.
transition_slide.script: LiVES version 0.9.6 or higher.

Pixilate_level_2 (type - rendered effect)

Makes the picture look blocky or striped. Level 2 adds a start/end value for focus/defocus effects.

Author: Salsaman.
Requires: convert from ImageMagick.
pixilate_level_2.script: LiVES version 0.9.6 or higher.

Textover Level 2 (type - rendered effect)

Overlay text on frames.

A more complex version, allows moving, growing/shrinking, spinning text and selection of font.

Author: Salsaman & Marco de la Cruz.
Requires: convert from ImageMagick.
textover_level_2.script: LiVES version 0.9.6 or higher.

Nonlinear Zoom (type - rendered effect)

A much smoother, dynamic looking zoom. Starts fast then slows down at the end.

Author: Christopher Night.
Requires: convert from ImageMagick.
NonlinearZoom.script: LiVES version 0.9.6 or higher.

Xaos batch generator (type - batch generator)

Load xaos frames directly into LiVES.

When the script is run, xaos will start up. Once you exit from xaos, the frames will be loaded into LiVES. WARNING: you need to exit from xaos manually, by pressing q,1.

Author: Salsaman.
Requires: xaos and convert.
xaos_batch_gen.script: LiVES version or higher.

Insert image (type - rendered effect)

Included by default with version 1.3.3 or higher of LiVES

Insert an image (or sprite) into a video clip.

Overlays an image or logo onto a clip. Images with transparency can be used. The image can be animated by growing or shrinking, changing position, and fading in or out.

Author: DgMvEcuador.
Requires: convert from Image Magick.
insert_img.script: LiVES version 0.9.6 or higher.

xvidcap batch generator (type - batch generator)

Create screencaps and load them directly into LiVES.

Allows capture of the whole screen or just part of the screen. The time and frame rate can be preset. xvidcap can also run in GUI mode, so that the record rectangle can be set manually. Ideal for creating video screencaps.

See: here for a demo clip.

Author: Salsaman.
Requires: xvidcap, xwininfo and convert.
xvidcap_batch_gen.script: LiVES version or higher.

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