LiVES - LiVES is a Video Editing System

This page is for the work-in-progress versions of LiVES. If you are looking for packaged releases, please go to the downloads page.


LiVES code is now documented - here -
and libweed has its own documentation - here - .

In addition, when you do "make install", the files are generated in


Development version

The development version is the "bleeding edge" for those who like to "LiVE" dangerously...!

LiVES code is now hosted on github..

These builds may or may not run or even compile, and if they do they may (rarely) hang your X server or even worse... mostly it's OK though !

LiVES Git mini HOWTO

For debian/ubuntu users, you will need at least the following packages:
autoconf 2.57 or higher
automake1.9 or higher
libgtk+-2.0-dev or libgtk+-3.0-dev

Users of other distros will require similar packages

Various other packages are recommended: check the output of "./configure" (below) for more details.

Checking out the code:

git clone

cd [dir]
./ && ./configure --prefix=/usr && make
make install

You probably need to do the "make install" as root (or use sudo). You can replace the "/usr" with wherever you want the git version's root to be. For example, /usr/local might be a better choice.

After installing you should run ldconfig, again probably as root, in order to locate the newly installed libraries.

If fails try running --verbose

If you have other versions of LiVES installed, you may need to adjust the values of <prefix_dir> and/or <lib_dir> in ~/.lives if any components are installed in non-standard directories.

Older code

Pre 1.0.0 versions of LiVES can be viewed/downloaded from the CVS repository on Sourceforge. This repository was frozen shortly after the 1.0.0 release.

Current Status

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