LiVES - LiVES is a Video Editing System

Clips by Salsaman and others

A feature length demo made with LiVES 3.2.1 prerelease may be found here:

This is an older work made with LiVES, to illustrate the words of poet Karima Hoisan:
(Note: the brief slip up with the end titles was me, not LiVES...)

Check out my channel on youtube for the latest videos created and edited with LiVES.

Sorteal has a Youtube channel with several videos created with LiVES.

Dutch VJ Harriebo has made some nice VJ demos using LiVES, including this one and all of the videos here.

GiJDJ is another VJ using LiVES; you can see a couple of his clips here and here.

Clips made by other LiVES users

Showcase demo - a clip by GJ Cyrus:

Here is a nice, short, crisp piece made by a novice using LiVES here.

Patrick Millius has created a clip with a message. Check it out, cool stuff !

Here is another LiVES video on youtube, this one by prototype9000. featuring Meat Beat Manifesto, and Ronald McDonald on acid. Very strange...

And here is a clip created by another novice user at last year's Phreaknic conference.

Note: if you have a clip created with LiVES which you would like to share, please get in touch.

Earlier demos

Marco de la Cruz, a Canadian video artist, also makes some very nice clips using

LiVES is now able to encode direct to flash using ffmpeg. Here is a mid-quality demo

This was a quick demo made using LiVES It is encoded using x264/vorbis in a matroska container. It can be downloaded here:

The same file was uploaded to Youtube (note that youtube's encoding reduced the quality very considerably). You can view it here:
or click on the link here to go to Youtube.

This next demo is notable in that it was the first to be arranged and then rendered from the multitrack window in LiVES. It just a technical demo and not intended to show any artistic talent or lack thereof. However it shows the kind of things that are possible with LiVES 0.9.6. [30 MB]

Demo by Salsaman, showing the then current LiVES: [74MB, 320x240, ogg theora format]

[Note: this was recorded in real time then rendered and encoded. It is a quarter size of the original. The slow frame rate at some points is due to a missing optimisations which have since been added. Total time to produce - under 1/2 an hour.]

Ancient Demos by Salsaman

Two versions of another demo, these were done in one evening: [96MB, 320x240, ogg theora format] [332MB, 640x480, mpeg1 format]

A clip showing the ppmfilter plugin in action: (ogg theora format, 33MB)

Here is a short clip to show off another rendered (RFX) effect in LiVES: (mpeg format, 8MB) (ogg theora format, 12MB) (mpeg format, 14 MB)

Here is a very short (4 second) demo of the LiVES dv encoder. Done at a moderate quality setting, with a resized clip captured from dvd. (14 MB)

Another dv clip, this one also demonstrates the LiVES/Imagemagick saturation_change rendered effect. (14 MB)

Here is a demo of some high bitrate encoding using LiVES: this was recorded in 3 passes using the 0.9.1 version of LiVES and the libvisual plugin to make a 4 layer effect: (22 MB)

LiVES has an animated gif and mng encoder (thanks to Marco); here is an example: (2MB)

Some Flash clips encoded with LiVES:
trdream.swf (5.5 MB, shift-click to download)

trdream2.swf (10.7 MB shift-click to download) Flash file with audio.

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