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    Requirements to run LiVES

Windows Users

LiVES for Windows will be coming later in 2019 !

For more details please sign up for the LiVES for Windows newsletter.

GNU/Linux, BSD and UNIX

OSX Leopard

LiVES will compile and run under OSX Leopard; you can follow the links here (English) or (Spanish) for more information; it would be great if somebody could create and send a simple installer package for OSX.

Software requirements (GNU/Linux)

For compilation from source, you will need:

Latest "stable" version (recommended for most users) : 3.0.2 for GNU/Linux and UNIX systems (released 7 Sep 2019)

Safe LiVES file

Download : Source

README - how to install

Changes - See CHANGELOG for more details.

Release Notes



LiVES 3.0.2: Signed sha1 and sha256 checksums.
LiVES 3.0.1: Signed sha1 and sha256 checksums.
LiVES 2.10.2: Signed sha1 and sha256 checksums.
LiVES 2.10.0: Signed sha1 and sha256 checksums.
LiVES 2.8.9: Signed sha1 and sha256 checksums.

See the contact page to verify the gpg fingerprint.

Frei0r Support

These releases contain (optional) support for Frei0r effects. You may wish to compile and install frei0r before compiling LiVES. Frei0r effects can be bound to keys in LiVES using the realtime effects window (ctrl-v).

For more information on frei0r, see:

Binaries (some versions may not be current)

Note: if you know of a version which is not listed here, please let me know so I can add it. Packagers: please contact me so that I can send you the release/compilation notes whenever a new version is ready.


LiVES is in the official debian repositories (unstable and testing), so:

aptitude install lives

should just work. Alternately you can use a graphical package manager like synaptic to download and install LiVES. Make sure to install any lives-plugin package in addition to lives.


For Ubuntu users you may install through the Ubuntu Software Center. There are also various PPAs available. Make sure to install the lives-plugins package also.

Ubuntu Studio

Use the Ubuntu PPA if possible.


Packages for openSUSE are available here.

Fedora Core / RPMFusion

LiVES page on RPMFusion
LiVES builds on RPMFusion.
Alternate Fedora/RPM Fusion packages are available here.


LiVES for Slackware (link appears to be broken...)


For Gentoo users, there are ebuilds for x86, ppc and amd64. Just type "emerge lives" (without the quotes).

Gentoo users - you MUST make sure that you have installed gtk+ and imageMagick with jpeg and png support !


LiVES is distributed in the Mageia core repositories.

Arch Linux

Packages can be obtained here

Custom Scripts for LiVES !

Once you have succesfully installed LiVES, you might want to customise it. LiVES uses scriptable plugins to create custom effects and tools. Add-ons can be downloaded/installed from here.


multi_encoder is now the recommended encoder for LiVES, it has its own requirements here.

To use all the other encoder plugins, you need:
These are all optional.

Work in progress...

Please see the code page for details of the development version.

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