LiVES - LiVES is a Video Editing System


If you have a problem and need support with LiVES, there are several ways to request it. Firstly, you can log a bug or a feature request on the sourceforge project page for LiVES.

There are two mailing lists for LiVES: for end user related matters there is the lives-users mailing list (archive here). For more technical (development related) issues, there is the lives-devel mailing list (archive here). Feel free to join one or both of these lists (however, spam will not be tolerated !).

There is an RSS 2.0 feed for LiVES News. Subscribe here.

There are various discussion groups for LiVES (link), you can leave a message on the appropriate forum.

And for a sometimes instant response, you can also logo on to channel #lives on the Freenode IRC network.

LiVES video editor and VJ tool

Enjoy your LiVES !!

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